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We are visible

In order to achieve our goals and to keep our promises to our sponsors, we try to be as visible as we can in the news, TV broadcasts, on the streets and stadiums, at various events and in social media.

Nõmme Kalju has the most press coverage of the Estonian clubs. Kalju’s bold and innovative approach to football has put them at the center of attention from fans and media. The club organizes several major events (Kalju Football Festival,  Brazilian Football Day etc.), which are always widely covered in Estonian media.

The Premium League and Nõmme Kalju as a participant are featured regularly in all Estonian daily papers and online news portals. ETV and ETV2 shows live broadcasts of Premium League and Cup matches every week. In co-operation with the sponsors NEO Media outdoor media campaigns on different mediums are carried out throughout Estonia. Nõmme Kalju is the most covered and advertised sports club in Estonia!

TV broadcast

From 2014 Premium league games will be broadcasted in ETV main channel, where there will be 101 football games, where there are approximatly 136 000 football viewers for Premium league.

From every Premium league round ETV will broadcast one game. According to plan, from the Premium league season 2014 will be broadcasted 101 games: ETV will broadcast 33, approximately 20 000 viewers per game, will broadcast 32 and 36 games from the upcoming season.