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Megameedia | Nõmme Kalju Big-sponsor.
Megameedia Grupp is oldest outdoor media company in Estonia, having been on the active action last 15 years. Megameedia offers outdoor media billboards to run advertisement campaigns.

Tulika Takso | Nõmme Kalju Car-partner.
Tulika Grupp is a concern which centres companies that provide taxi and transport services. The first taxi company in the concern was AS Tulika Takso (1993). In years other companies that provide taxi services were included in the concern – Maksitakso and Tallinna Taksopark. In addition to providing taxi services, the concern also includes Tulika Autokeskus, the main activity of which is technical inspection. At the moment there are ca 270 taxis of our trademark which offer their services and take care of the clients by taking them to their destination fast and safe.

| Nõmme Kalju Kit-sponsor.
Adidas is a German sports apparel manufacturer and parent company of the Adidas Group, which consists of the Reebok Sportswear Company, Golf Company and Rockport. Besides sports footwear, the company also produces other products such as bags, shirts, watches, eyewear and other sports and clothing-related goods. The company is the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe and the second biggest sportswear manufacturer in the world, after its American rival Nike.

Taisto Bussid
 | Nõmme Kalju Sponsor & Bus-partner.
Taisto Bussid has been a competitive bus rental company since 1993. In the last 12 years, we have developed to one of the biggest – if not to the biggest – bus rental companies in Estonia. We are proud of the fact that since 2005, seven of our buses have regularly been serving custormes in the Kingdom of Sweden. That has added value to our company in the international field.

Salva Kindlustus 
| Nõmme Kalju Supporter.
Salva is client-friendly insurance company for more secure living.

| Nõmme Kalju Supporter.
Great selection of adidas brand clothes and shoes with the best price

Business Media  
| Nõmme Kalju Web Sponsor
Nõmme Kalju webpages brings to you Business Media. Our main services are of high quality web solutions, programming, graphic design and SEO optimization. Our goal is to be a long-term partner and give good recommendations and provide high-quality web solutions. Continually developing ourselves is our desire to bring any co-operation to the fixed values​​, which is reflected in the search for new solutions and customer satisfaction.

Kuup3 | Nõmme Kalju Sponsor.
Kuup 3 LLC is a trademark that was created in 2004 in Tallinn, Estonia. The major activity of the company is printing personalized advertizing matters on different materials of the customer’s choice. If you have a vision of the final result you wish to achieve – just turn to us and we will help you find the best possible way to make it happen. We specialize in making individual offers and finding the most appropriate solutions among with the most reasonable price.

Laagri School| Nõmme Kalju Partner.
The school is a campsite on the border of Tallinn in Saue municipality, acting under the Schools Act an elementary school. The school enrolled 650 students, who are taught by 50 teachers. Students wear school uniforms, and the boys are learning, girls’ and mixed classes. The student’s all-round development of the excellent support and a lot of opportunities to sportimistingimused interest in the school.

Seiklusjutte Maalt ja Merelt | Nõmme Kalju supporter
This is a Pub that brings together adventurous open-minded people keen on travelling – hikers, wanderers, travellers and all the others who are constantly seeking for new, sometimes risky experiences!If you are that kind of person, you are always welcome here! The Pub is a place, where adventurers set off to their journey and where they are greeted after their return and where everyone has the opportunity to share their exciting experiences.
The fact that it is a traveller’s pub can be noticed already at the doorstep: maps on the walls and globes on the tables enable those who have returned from their long and interesting trips to share their stories, while illustrating them with maps.

Balbiino | Nõmme Kalju sponsor
Balbiino’s vision is to be an Estonian ice cream manufacturer that has the greatest market share in Estonia, whose domestic market is the Baltic States and whose high-quality, natural and delicious ice creams can withstand competition in the Nordic countries and elsewhere in Europe. Balbiino is an acknowledged expert in the field of frozen products and is at the forefront of the frozen products logistics business in Estonia.

Bosch | Nõmme Kalju sponsor
The Bosch Group is a leading global supplier of technology and services, and is divided into the four business sectors of Mobility Solutions, Industrial Technology, Consumer Goods, and Energy and Building Technology. The Bosch Group’s products and services are designed to improve the quality of life by providing solutions which are both innovative and beneficial. In addition to the Bosch brand, the Bosch Group offers other brands that are tailored to individual customer requirements. Which special brands of the Bosch Group can also enhance your daily life can be seen from the following overview.