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Logo and colours

The coat of arms of Nõmme Kalju is likely to have been created in 1922 when Kalju Sports Club was established. The people who re-established Nõmme Kalju have been unable to determine the author of the arms, but are regularly working on solving this mystery. The original coat of arms was drawn over by the artist Martin Lazarev, who preserved all the historical elements, but gave the coat of arms a finished shape and form. Nõmme Kalju raises its young footballers to value the club’s history and to honor the historical coat of arms of Nõmme Kalju. When being on a football pitch and wearing the jersey with the arms of Nõmme Kalju, it is always necessary to give one’s best, so that the honor of the club would be defended in a dignified manner.

Nõmme Kalju speaks to you through an intensive but strictly pink world! One of the characteristic elements of Nõmme Kalju is the football club’s unique and easily recognizable color. Pink, black and white form a rare color combination, which is easy to remember and can only be associated with Kalju. In 2007, inspired by the color pink, the club was nicknamed the Pink Panthers. By today, one of the biggest fan clubs in football, actively supporting Nõmme Kalju, is associated with the name. There is an inspired saying – “In the name of the tail” –, which is often used among the Pink Panthers.