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31. October 2017

Kuno Tehva qualified to ECA Club Management Programme

The chairman of Nõmme Kalju FC, Kuno Tehva qualified to Club Management Programme (CMP) which is organized by ECA (European Club Association) in cooperation with Stockholm University. 

The first session, leadership & strategy will take place at the Allianz Juventus Stadium in Turin from 6th till 8th of November. Key topics of the first session are the theory of leadership and different types of leadership, the areas of core responsibility in football club management, what is the role of leadership in the success of an organisation and the difference between strategy and vision.

”As they say – who wants to learn finds a teacher. It was nice to see that my candidacy passed through a tight international sieve and I’m sure that  knowledge together with relationships will create new opportunities for Nõmme Kalju FC,”  commented the chairman of Nõmme Kalju FC, Kuno Tehva.

The Club Management Programme will run till june 2019 and will be split into six intensive sessions: leadership & strategy, sport activities, business activities, community activities, club operations and club environment. Sessions will take place at Turin, Bilbao, New York, Athens, Vienna and Stockholm.