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31. May 2018

Kalju brings Tottenham Hotspur player development programme to Estonia

Nõmme Kalju FC, in partnership with English Premier League Club Tottenham Hotspur, will run its world-class ‘InternationalPlayer Development Programme’ and ‘Coach Education Programme’ in Estonia.

The ‘Player Development Programme’ is designed for players aged 10 – 15 years and focuses on every aspect of the game using the same coaching methods delivered within the Club’s renowned Academy. The programme also aims to develop the players’ off-pitch values such as discipline and respect as well as their on-pitch techniques.

The ‘Coach Education Programme’ aims to teach local grassroots coaches how to create an environment that attracts, retains and develops players within the framework and philosophy of Tottenham Hotspur.

Tottenham Hotspur is one of the fastest growing English Premier League clubs with a reputation for developing players from a young age. Tottenham Hotspur FC philosophy is to create an environment that attracts, retains and develops top quality players. Tottenham International Player Development Programme and Coach Education Programmes will take place in Estonia, Italy, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway and Ireland.

Andy Rogers, Tottenham Hotspur Global Coaching Manager, said “Our FA and UEFA-qualified coaches travel extensively around the globe to create learning environments for young players and coaches to develop and reach their potential. Delivering our programme in Estonia is a brilliant opportunity for the Club to showcase our unique style to a new audience and develop players and coaches.”

”I am confident that our co-operation with Tottenham Hotspur will be productive and the quality and expertise they offer will help Kalju’s players and coaches. Nõmme Kalju development plan for five years had 5 goals. First one was to start with youth work and to raise to the highest league, second to win the Championship title of Estonia, third to make breakthrough in Europe, which we have achieved through our performance in UEFA Europa League and ECA (European Club Association). The next two goals are to bring Kalju’s youth work to European level and develop our infrastructure. Behind us is more than 15 years of hard work, but we are really proud of our achievements and we begin to work with heightened motivation for the following goals,” commented Nõmme Kalju’s president Kuno Tehva.

The THFC Player Development Programme in Estonia will be held in elite camp format. The program will take place on 20-24 August at Hiiu stadium. Camp day time is 9.30 am to 3.30 pm. Price is 240€ for five days, includes lunch and each participant receives a bespoke Spurs training kit (shirt, shorts, socks). Key items are NKFC Training uniform, shoes for artificial ground, shin pads, water bottle, towel and pocket money.

Nõmme Kalju FC was established in 1923 and is the most successful club from Estonia in Europa League with around 800 youth in the academy. In 2012 NKFC won the Championship title and in 2015 the first Estonian Cup trophy. In the past 10 years Kalju has finished the Estonian Premium league on top three position.

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