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Nõmme Kalju, founded in 1923, differs from other Estonian football clubs, in that it is one of the oldest clubs in Estonia.

Identity “Self-discovery”

Nõmme Kalju is going through a process of self-discovery, during which we have realised that our chosen path is full of surprises, disappointments and failures. When coming against obstacles, one must never give up or stop and remain waiting for a miracle. Believing in miracles is good, but it is necessary to work hard for good results, to look into oneself and to recognise one’s weaknesses. The creation of an identity through self-discovery is a complicated process. On the one hand, we might think we know exactly who we are, what we would like to achieve in life and how to achieve it. On the other hand, people may not always approve of us, our wishes and choices. In our process of self-discovery, we rely on the following values: faith, honesty, respect, will, history, originality, determination and future.

A strong social position is always important, but it is even more important to find and determine oneself in the given time and place.

We want to make a masterpiece of Nõmme Kalju, to be unique and to turn a historical football club into a respected organisation with an international identity, an organisation which shall work like a unified team to achieve top results.

Identity “Football”

Today’s football has become a global phenomenon: its influence has also reached Estonia.
Football is the greatest sport in Estonia!

Identity “Characteristics”

The characteristics of a good brand in word and image:

1. stands out by being unique;
2. contains strength and potential;
3. contains its philosophy, role in society and regional role;
4. creates positive emotions;
5. matters to the desired target group, speaks to the right people.

Identity “Values”

“Kalju” seeks “Kostja”! Estonia is a society in a development phase and its problems often lie at the level of values. Old norms no longer work and new values have not yet been established. As a rule, what is lacking is tolerance, ability to care and notice and the courage to take responsibility. The football club of Nõmme Kalju is focused on the whole and remains open to everything. We are part of an open society and want to work on developing the Nõmme Kalju football club according to these norms. Football is love and a common language across the world. Consequently, Nõmme Kalju will also open Russian-language football education groups.

Nõmme Kalju was established in 1923 in Nõmme, being one of the oldest football clubs in Estonia. Nõmme Kalju is a transparent football organisation (non-profit association) with strong partners who together with the management, the coaches, the team and the fans want to reach the top in football.

Nõmme Kalju has a strong regional identity, which is bound up with one of the historic districts of Tallinn – Nõmme.

Kalju does not necessarily want to be the biggest football club in Estonia, but definitely a football club with the best quality, whose activities cover both Estonia and the neighbouring countries.

Identity “Youth”

Young people are our future and the bearers of the identity and values of the Kalju football club. Football is the most popular sport in Estonia, which is largely thanks to the high proportion of young people participating. At the moment, Nõmme Kalju has over 300 young members and parents are also included among the staff. The youth football of Nõmme Kalju is future-oriented and can be described by the following keywords:

Health, consistency, sustainability, attitude, sincere emotions, believing in miracles, a unified family, respect and quality!

A young footballer must be raised with the knowledge that football is not everything in life. At the end of the football career, he must be able to manage in life, to have an education and later a profession.

Let us grow together, healthily and wisely.
We raise top players for both Nõmme Kalju and the Estonian national football team!