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Football camps

Nõmme Kalju city camp is held in Kalju House of Games (Kalju Mängude Maja) and is a part of identity for one of the oldest clubs in Estonia. Locating in about 2000 square meters, the inspiration centre is directed to the kids and is carrying a slogan: “Winners experiance!”

City camp is giving young players opportunity to actively take part of trainings, game alysis and lot more during the 5 day experiance.

5-day KMM city camp offers:
•2 trainings per day in KMM field
•Training games
•2 warm meals per day
•Kalju House of Games virtual tournament.
•Using room of games
•Virtual game analysis
•Competition and lot more to spend quality time

Sport camps:
In a sporting sense the big development the growth of players will happen during the training camp in Piiri/Kääriku sport base. The sport camp is held in 8-12 days in summer months.