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Become a fan

Do you feel that your life is too one-sided? Maybe being part of the football culture is something for YOU!?

Being a football fan, does’t mean that you have to burn cars or fight other fans in back of the stadium. It’s something completely different. It’s passionate entertainment, which combines millions of man, woman, children and elderly all over the world. It doesn’t matter if you are a university professor or factory worker – supporting a same team brakes all the barriers and creates all new communication level!

Nõmme Kalju fan organisation Roosad Pantrid (ec Pink Panthers) invites all active people to join us! We are big in Estonia, but comparing to fan organisations of the world –  we are relatively small. Every new fan gives a better sound to our songs and extra power for players.

For many Pink Panthers, Nõmme Kalju is a first experience in the football world. So, it doesn’t matter if you don’t know what offside is or not. Our senior members will make a football expert out of you in no time!

One of our goals is to bring fan culture to new level in Estonia and thereby closer to bigger football countries. We regularly integrate new songs, bring in new members, try to travel farther with our team and constantly make up new ideas how to make Pantrid and Nõmme Kalju more visible in society.

There are several ways to join us: easyest is to just come to our sector in Kalju game. Of course there are ways to contact us outside of the game. You can visit our facebook page (facebook.com/pantrid) or send us an e-mail (pantrid[ÄT]jkkalju.ee) or call a fan coordinator, whos number is in the contacts page.

Roosad Pantrid
Nõmme Kalju fans