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Fan team – JK Roosad Pantrid

JK Roosad Pantrid is a football team made from Nõmme Kalju fans. Goal is to offer sporty alternative for all the drinking and singing fans usually do. We not only play amongst each other, but try to parcipitate in fan games and different tournaments.

JK Roosad Pantrid played in Rahvaliiga (peoples league) 2010 and 2011. Plan is to register for 2013 season. Our results have deteriorated in time. Few years ago we got third place in Aastalõputurniir (end of the year tournament for all the teams and fans). In 2012, the group stage was maximum for us.

What we lack in skill – we try to compensate with positive attitude. We got second of last place in Soccernet friends tournament, but we were absolutely the best spirited team in the field. We gept the mood up not only amongst ourselves, but also with our competitors. Plus, we had the biggest and most visual fan-fan group.

Name: JK Roosad Pantrid
Players: 18
Home stadium: KMM artificial ground (Rannamõisa tee 3, Tallinn)